Edible Oil must be kept at room temperature. Being exposed to heat or light for long periods of time, can spoil the good flavor of the oil.

Cooling down the oil after use may cause cloudiness which is normal. The oil becomes transparent again once you heat it up.

You can use Ghoncheh oil multiple times if you take these notes into consideration:

Cool down the oil immediately after use.

Filtering oil to clean out food crumbs.

Pour the oil in a container with a lid.

Once the oil starts foaming which demonstrates the overuse of the oil, it’s not usable anymore and it should be disposed.

All in all, frying does not affect fatty acids. Heat might diminish unsaturated fatty acids a little; but it does not single-handedly turn them into saturated fatty acids. Saturating fatty acids have specific processes such as Hydrogenation.

Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids

Least amount of saturated fatty acids among vegetable oils


Lowers cholesterol

Suitable for cooking and salad

Highest heat resistance among liquid vegetable oils

  • Palm free oil and the lowest amount of saturated fatty acids

    Non GMO

    Transparent even in cold seasons

    Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids

    High heat resistance

    Transparent anti UV bottle protects oil from light

    Delivered in transparent anti UV bottles

    Tans – fat free

    Used for frying and cooking